• Equipping every farmer to
    understand and manage every plant

    Blue River is building the next generation of agriculture equipment that reduces chemicals and saves costs. Introducing See & Spray technology that enables a world in which every plant counts.


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  • We build precise See & Spray machines that apply

    chemicals only where needed

    Today, the best practice is to treat all plants as if they have the same needs. See & Spray technology changes this paradigm, enabling growers to make every plant count at scale. See & Spray applies herbicides only to the weeds and not to the crop or soil.

    Reuters video "Weeds be wary, these robots are gunning for you"

    All about Blue River

    "Weeds be wary, these robots are gunning for you"

    Check out a recent video featuring Blue River Technology that highlights our research, manufacturing and expansion into cotton weeding. (video opens in a new window)

    Agriculture See and Spray Machines

    See & Spray testing

    Cotton prototype

    We've been hard at work expanding See & Spray technology to new crops. Check out our prototype testing in cotton and lettuce in December 2016.

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  • Weeds: Enemy Number One

    $25 billion spent. 310 million pounds of herbicides. 110 billion pounds of fertilizers.


    Weed control is an essential and resource-intensive part of agriculture. With the rise of herbicide-tolerant weeds and the decline in available and effective chemical solutions, agriculture is looking for a new way to address the weed control challenge.

    Chemical Agriculture Peticide Spending

    Industry Average Costs of Launching a New Pesticide

    In 1995, chemical companies spent $152 million on average to launch a new pesticide. Today, the price tag has soared to $350 million, and it can take up to 12 years to get regulatory approval.

    2016 Herbicide Weeds Spreading Graph

    Herbicide-Tolerant Weeds are Spreading Fast

    Over-reliance on certain chemicals has led to the evolution of herbicide-tolerant weeds. In 2016, the majority of states had seen cases of herbicide-tolerant weeds.

  • Great for Growers. Even Better for Consumers.

    Our smart machines can eliminate up to 90% of the chemicals growers use today.

  • Download our “Chemical AG Dead Man Walking” publication.

    There are 7 billion people who need 12,400 trillion calories of food per day.


    We need a better way to farm.

  • Make Every Plant Count™

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